[tex-live] AUCTeX state

Ralf Angeli angeli at caeruleus.net
Sat May 10 13:17:29 CEST 2008

* Reinhard Kotucha (2008-05-07) writes:

> I now upgraded to Emacs 22.2 now and removed obsolete stuff.

Does the upgrade include image libraries?

> Coming back to the question I asked David in Bachotek: Unless some
> MinGW programs are installed, Emacs is the only program on Windows
> which can display manpages and info files.
> Is there any possibility to make Emacs aware of TeX Live's MANPATH and
> INFOPATH?  It can be done somehow using kpsewhich. man/ and info/ are
> relative to $SELFAUTOPARENT.

Emacs checks for the environment variables MANPATH and INFOPATH and uses
them if set.  On Windows Emacs honors such variables if set in the
registry in Software/Gnu/Emacs, see (info "(emacs)MS-Windows Registry").
(I'm not sure if this is true for all such variables.)

One can also set the variables `woman-manpath' and

I'm not sure if one really wants to go through the pain of configuring
the respective variables during installation of TeX Live.  Perhaps it
would be easier and more intuitive for a Windows user if opening a man
or info file from the Windows Explorer opened the respective viewer,
i.e. Emacs if there is no other.  But I haven't checked if this works or
could be made to work.


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