[tex-live] dvips removing characters from eps-file

Struebing, Axel, le-tex axel.struebing at le-tex.de
Fri May 2 10:44:57 CEST 2008

Dear all,

I have got a problem with dvips producing invalid postscript with a special 
kind of eps figures.
In a minimal example just including one figure the problematic becomes clear.

Lines from the figure are altered after inclusion in the final postscript. 
These lines consists of binary data - IMHO - related to subsetted fonts. 

dvips discards bytes with 0x04 (CTRL-D) unconditionally as verified in the 
source of dvips (output.c) and mangled the bytes contained 0x13.

Could someone please explain the reason for this behavior to me or give a hint 
how to resolve the problem?

I would be glad to assist with further information if required.

kind regards
Axel Strübing

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