[tex-live] Formatting mismatch

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Jul 31 14:01:45 CEST 2008

Hi Udo,

On Do, 31 Jul 2008, Udo Zallmann wrote:
> This should set two lines in the recipient field, both in bold, the
> first one containing 'per Fax an,' the second containing
> '+49--180--5\,33\,01\,63.' When compiling the document using the
> ScienceSoft LaTeX website, this expected result is obtained. With
> TL2008, however, only the first line is set in bold, the second is
> not.

I can confirm that with TL2007 both lines are bold, while with 2008 only
the first one.

> I hope someone can advise on why this issue occurs and how to fix it. Thank you!

I searched the changes of koma-script but didn't find anything related
to that. Unfortunately there is no detailed list but you have to read
through the documentation.

Your best option is to contact
	komascript at gmx.info
with your minimal example.

You could add that in version 2.95b in TL2007 it was working, while with
2.98 in TL2008 (testing) it is no.

Best wishes


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