[tex-live] Formatting mismatch

Udo Zallmann cantaro at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 13:22:13 CEST 2008


I recently downloaded TL2008 Test (texlivetest2008-20080730.iso) and
tried LaTeX-ing a few documents. I encountered an anomaly when
comparing a compiled document against one compiled through the website

I am using the KOMA-Script scrlttr2 class to typeset a letter. On this
letter, I intended to set the recipient info in bold, so I used the

	per Fax an\\

This should set two lines in the recipient field, both in bold, the
first one containing 'per Fax an,' the second containing
'+49--180--5\,33\,01\,63.' When compiling the document using the
ScienceSoft LaTeX website, this expected result is obtained. With
TL2008, however, only the first line is set in bold, the second is

For lack of available webspace, I attached a ZIP archive containing
the TEX file as well as two PDFs, one obtained from ScienceSoft LaTeX
website, the other from TL2008.

OT: the fax number is a Deutsche Telekom customer service number. Any
personal information in the files is fictional.

I hope someone can advise on why this issue occurs and how to fix it. Thank you!

Best regards,

Udo Zallmann
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