[tex-live] Remapping a Tex Font to an Adobe font in dvipdfm?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Jul 28 22:53:13 CEST 2008

Zdenek Wagner writes:
 > really want to use Adobe Arial, then do not use maps for URW fonts but

Hi Zdenek,
Arial is provided by Monotype, not by Adobe.

 > create a new map, generate metrics files for the version of Adobe

Well, I hope that URW/Adobe/Monotype Arial/Helvetica fonts are metric
compatible.  If you are in doubt, there is a nice awk script written
by Nelson Beebe called afmdiff.awk which allows you to compare two AFM
files.  The script is shipped with Ghostscript but it is not
installed.  You have to retrieve it from the sources or the lib
directory.  TeX Live users on Windows will find it in the directory

I strongly recommend to run afmdiff.awk before creating your own metrics.

 > Good DTP studios refuse to process PDF files if the fonts are not
 > embedded.

Everybody should complain if fonts are not embedded....

I had the following problem recently:

If you download the Japanese version of Acroread you'll get Japanese
fonts too.  It's fine for Japanese because there is no need to embed
the fonts because every Japanese has a Japanese version of Acroread
and the fonts are found in the Acroread directory tree.

However, the problem is that these Japanese fonts also contain latin
characters.  Japanese do not notice that the text they write in
English requires a Japanese font which is not part of a European
version of Acroread.  I had to install Japanese fonts from the Adobe
FTP server in order to display latin characters.

Fonts have to be embedded unconditionally.  Everything else is quite
problematic and should be avoided.


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