[tex-live] texdoc -l dvipdfm

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Thu Jul 24 19:17:45 CEST 2008

Hi Heiko,

Heiko Oberdiek scripsit (24.07.2008 11:16)
> AFAIK "texdoc -l" should find *all* finds that match the name?
Depends what you mean with "should" :-) For the moment, I always assumed that
texdoc "should" continue working (I mean, for existing options) like the
previous versions did (precisely, the texlua version by Frank Küster and the
shell script version by Thomas Esser from TL'05, which I can easily test).

But concerning the -l option, indeed I was thinking since a few days
(rethinking which search mode should be used in every case) that it's not very
usefull as it is, and it should rather give something like

>     ./texmf/doc/man/man1/dvipdfm.pdf
>     ./texmf/doc/dvipdfm/dvipdfm.pdf

> Thus "texdoc -l" seems to be broken.
Broken implies it was working better in the past. AFAIK this is not the case.
But I agree that we probably should change it, esp. given the number of
duplicates introduced by the recent pdf-isation of all man pages and you knuth
module in latex-tds.

I'll probably be re-working a lot of things in texdoc in the days coming and
come with a nearly-final implementation this week-end, asking for your
comments about it.


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