[tex-live] TeXLive 2008 Windows Feedback (Version 20080716)

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat Jul 19 17:40:59 CEST 2008

Hi Nicholas,

thnaks for the feedback, I will answer only on the negative poinbts.

On Fr, 18 Jul 2008, Nicholas Wourms wrote:
> 1) The self-contained Perl distribution has been pared down too much.

I hope Siep/Reinhard will care for that, I only want to have what I

> 2) The self-contained GhostScript distribution is broken for most of
> its own scripts. For example, ps2pdf and friends do not work because

Reinhard, please check that.

> 4) The packaging system seems flaky, one time (a few days prior) it
> did not have the kpathsea dlls, this time it did not have the icudt40

Yes, that was a bug. It was fixed very quick, but it was there.

> some QA in the packaging to make sure all components are present that
> should be present. Likewise, the TeX Live Manager should also have a
> system (md5/sha1) to verify the presence and condition of each

It does have it since about 2 weeks ...?!?!

> 1) If you are going to use TkPerl, please distribute a version using
> Tk 8.5+, the fugliness of earlier versions (due to bad!font rendering)
> is terrible.

To dangerous to update now, sorry.

> 2) The package counter seems to be screwed up, kept on incrementing
> "total += number of packages" each time a sub-window was entered and
> then exited.

Sure??? I am sure that I have fixed that some time ago. Did you download
a new installer package? If it is not fixed, I will hopefully fix it
till next week.

> 1) Provide more items to tweak under the TeX Live Manager/Tex Live
> Installer. For example, modifying the defaults for dvips and pdf*tex
> like output printer and/or resolution.

Patched to the tlmgr.pl script are welcomed, I have currently no time to
do that since I am guiding several weeks (being mountain guide).

> 2) Provide a way to updates between snapshot versions.

??? YOu mean we should create snapshot version? Or do you talk about the
test version currently out? No, for these we do not provide upgrade path
with guaruanteed work, it is at the end testing ...

Best wishes and thanks again


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