[tex-live] [tex-hyphen] CZ/SK in babel for TL 08

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 15:49:38 CEST 2008

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 3:32 PM, Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> Hi!
>  MM> The whole logic is hidden in the code below (one can easily load
>  MM> conv-utf8-il2.tex instead of conv-utf8-ec.tex), but you would need
>  MM> to tell me what and how to change. I thought that you would load
>  MM> both patterns at once, but if you want to load them depending on
>  MM> current encoding, I don't have the knowledge how to do that.
> a brief look at recent babel changes shows that it is now possible to
> specify the encoding in the language.dat file, e.g.:
> slovak loadhyph-sk.tex
> slovak:IL2 loadhyph-sk-il2.tex
> then babel will load the patterns which were loaded by loadhyph-sk-il2.tex
> if one switches to slovak language, and current font encoding will be IL2.

Forgetting the fact that Karl (and me included) would probably be
against even more major changes just before the release and that these
changes should concern after-tl-2008 timeframe ...

I would vote for going one steep deeper.

language.dat could contain:
    slovak  ec,il2 loadhyph-sk.tex
and then encoding name could be stored to some variable, visible to
loadhyph, so that it would load the proper encoding without having to
generate dozens of loadhyph-xx-yy files.

Also keep in mind that:
- for some languages several encodings (t1, texnansi) are equivalent
- Germans and probably others want to have access to multiple versions
of patterns
- Russians and Ukrainians want that as well
- we don't want to load Russian patterns in XeTeX seven times
- it would be nice to take care for plain at the same time

Those who know how to fiddle with languge.dat and have some nice ideas
to improve it (after TL08) - can you please join the
tex-hyphen at tug.org mailing list?


PS: again - we can do the change for CS/SK, but not for every single
language at this moment.

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