[tex-live] CZ/SK in babel for TL 08

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 15:26:28 CEST 2008

2008/7/16 Mojca Miklavec <mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com>:
> 2008/7/16 Zdenek Wagner:
>> 2008/7/16 Mojca Miklavec:
>>> 2008/7/16 Zdenek Wagner wrote:
>>>> 2008/7/6 Johannes Braams wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> This was lost for some time in the jungle of Babel mail. I have now finally
>>>>> added the new versions of czech.dtx and slovak.dtx to my master sources.
>>>>> They will migrate to CTAN tonight.
>>>>> I have also added the required patch to babel.dtx (yielding version 3.8l)
>>>>> which I will update later tonight.
>>>> Thank you. I have looked into TeX Live 2008, czech.dtx, slovak.dtx as
>>>> well as generated ldf files are OK, some tests passed, but hyphenation
>>>> does not work well.
>>> If you have IL2 patterns in mind, they definitely don't work.
>>> If you say that they should work when one loads
>>> \usepackage[slovak]{babel} in (pdf)latex, we can add them.
>> It should work both with IL2 and T1, both patterns should be loaded in
>> the format and babel should switch them according to the current
>> encoding. There is a new hook in babel for doing it and Johannes wrote
>> us that he has already included it in babel.dtx. It only needs to be
>> enabled in language.dat. If you have the conf file for converting the
>> patterns to IL2, it will make my experiments easier. I was able to do
>> it for TL2007.
> We have all the code needed to enable loading patterns in IL2, but no
> hooks & no knowledge (at least speaking for me) to do it.
This was impossible until now. Petr Tesarik wrote a patch to babel and
Johannes Braams added it to the official distribution a week ago. I
can prepare the contents od language.dat for czech and slovak and you
can then do it for other languages.

> A similar problem exists for Russian & Ukrainian, but we "gave up"
> there and will try to find some solution after TL 2008 release.
> The whole logic is hidden in the code below (one can easily load
> conv-utf8-il2.tex instead of conv-utf8-ec.tex), but you would need to
> tell me what and how to change. I thought that you would load both
> patterns at once, but if you want to load them depending on current
> encoding, I don't have the knowledge how to do that.
> \begingroup
> % Test whether we received one or two arguments
> \def\testengine#1#2!{\def\secondarg{#2}}
> % That's Tau (as in Taco or ΤΕΧ, Tau-Epsilon-Chi), a 2-byte UTF-8 character
> \testengine Τ!\relax
> % Unicode-aware engine (such as XeTeX or LuaTeX) only sees a single
> (2-byte) argument
> \ifx\secondarg\empty
>    \message{UTF-8 Slovak Hyphenation Patterns (Jana Chlebikova, 1992)}
> \else
>    \message{EC Slovak Hyphenation Patterns (Jana Chlebikova, 1992)}
>    \input conv-utf8-ec.tex
> \fi
> \input hyph-sk.tex
> \endgroup
> An alternative is to fall back to loading the old patterns again if
> these are not working the way you would want them to work.
> Mojca

Zdeněk Wagner

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