[tex-live] Format generation error

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 12:41:49 CEST 2008

I have installed TL2008 on a computer that already contains TL2007.
Directory /usr/local/texlive is writable by me (non-root) and the bin
directory for TL2007 was in PATH during installation of TL2008. After
installation was finished I have put the TL2008 bin directory to the
beginning of PATH and tried pdflatex. It failed with the following

This is pdfTeXk, Version 3.1415926-1.40.8 (Web2C 7.5.7)
 %&-line parsing enabled.
---! /home/wagner/.texlive2008/texmf-var/web2c/pdftex/pdflatex.fmt
doesn't match pdftex.pool
(Fatal format file error; I'm stymied)

It seems that automatic format generation during installation took
pool files from TL2007. Xelatex used correct pool file (or they have
not changed). After fmtutil --byfmt pdflatex and having the TL2008 bin
directory at the beginning of PATH it works.

Zdeněk Wagner

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