[tex-live] texdoc doesn't find man pages

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Jul 15 14:10:26 CEST 2008

Heiko Oberdiek scripsit (15.07.2008 13:01)
> A clean implementation shouldn't be that difficult, e.g.
> the program `man' checks the environment variable MANPATH.
> texdoc has access to texmf.cnf and knows how to find the various
> TDS trees with their man directories. Then it sets MANPATH for the
> call of man. I don't think that texdoc should be able to display
> *all* manual pages of the system.
Texdoc doesn't even need to set MANPATH.  It's already able to find the full
path to the man page and hand it to man, if only we ask it to look for .1
files too and display them with the man command.

This whole « texdoc and man pages » discussion is not at all a matter of
implementation, just a matter of choice.

What is a matter of implementation as well as choice is:
- Do we want to make manpages accessible to man without asking the
user/sysadmin to set MANPATH, and if yes, how do we achieve it?
- What to do for windows users, and how to do it?
Of course for these two questions, there's also the problem: shall we do it
now or is it too late for this kind of changes for TL'08?


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