[tex-live] texdoc doesn't find man pages

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Jul 15 09:44:28 CEST 2008

> > I see to possibilities: Either provide preconverted *.txt files
> > within TeXLive (which is probably best -- I can provide those
> > files) or add a man2xxx converter to TeXLive.
> Good point.
> 1.) When installing ConTeXt scheme, these man pages do not get
> included, but they should. (read as: if I install mptopdf binary, I
> don't get its man page)

Looks like a packaging problem.

> 2.) Why not copying those man pages parallel to bin folder (to
> texlive/2008/bin/man)? Then they would be found by man
> automatically.  I don't know the exact algorithm of man page
> searching, but we have
>     texmf-bin/bin/mptopdf
>     texmf-bin/man/mptopdf.1
> and that works. I guess that it would also work with the proposal
> above, though I didn't test.

IMHO it's a bad idea to clutter a `bin' directory with non-bin stuff.


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