[tex-live] Announcement/Warning: everal changes in network installer

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jul 9 10:18:47 CEST 2008

Hi all,

we have changed some the way the installer determines the installation
source, and also have changed the location of files on the server.

Most important: Since the new packages/location are going out only now
from CTAN to the mirrors, the installation will be broken till tomorrow,
and you will need new installaer packages.

THe errors you will see are about not being able to find/download the
tar.lzma. The reason for this is that we renamed the place where these
files are stored.

Furthermore, the specification of the installation source has changed,
now being in sync with tlmgr:
new selection of installation source is done via
we support --url as an alias for --location
you can give practically *everything* to --location, should it be
an http://, ftp://, file:/..., normal path

In the case of file:/ and normal path the installer autodetect the
installation media. So what you can do now is that you install
from a separate install-tl direcory, but taking as source the
svn checkout by doing
   perl install-tl --location /src/to/svn/checkout/Master

If you have a web server at localhost (like I have) you can do either
   perl install-tl --location http://localhost/norbert/tltesting
which will use the wget method, or use
   perl install-tl --location /var/www/norbert/tltesting
or even
   perl install-tl --location file:/var/www/norbert/tltesting
The latter cases will use the "CD" method.

As a consequence of that there will be NO (!!!!)
That is gone. The media is autodetected and need not be overridden, 
since the thing you have to do is set the --location.

There is a small point here: If something (say a DVD) contains both
the files itself ('live') and the .tar.lzma ('inst'), then the
.tar.lzma take precedence, and that cannot be altered. We can live
with that since it is highly unlikely that this will happen and
even more highly unlikely that someone will complain.

Sorry for any inconveniences and all the best


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