[tex-live] need assistance for writing package installation instructions

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Jul 7 14:12:11 CEST 2008

Hi Stephan,

On Mo, 07 Jul 2008, Stephan Hennig wrote:
>   tlmgr
> cannot be found.
> My questions are:
> (i) Is the user right?

Yes, tlmgr appears the first time in 2008

> (ii) How long has tlmgr been part of TeX Live?

Since 2008.

> (iii) In case, tlmgr has/will only be introduced in TL 2008, what would
> be proper installation instructions for TL <= 2007 (preferably, without
> directly modifying global language.dat).

No chance, edit it by hand. There is no other way but editing by hand

> The same user complained that command 'fmtutil --refresh' doesn't work
> unless he removes the line
>   pinyin		xu-pyhyph.tex
> from language.dat, probably due to a misconfiguration of the openSuSE
> TeX Live package.  Unfortunately, the user didn't provide exact error
> messages.  Is this a known problem?

Furthermore, OpenSUSE might do other things different from TeX Live. So
for example it could in some way generate language.dat on the fly.

Nobody but OpenSuSE users can know that.

To be honest, I would write:
	If you are so advanced that you play around with experimental
	patterns then you should also know what to do and where to
	put the files and how to recreate all the stuff.

> > C. Modify language.dat and rebuild format files.
> > 
> > 
> >   1. Determine the location of language-local.dat:
> > 
> >       >kpsewhich language-local.dat
> > 
> >      If the resulting path already points to a local tree,
> >      jump right to step C.3.

language-local.dat is also an addition to TL2008, it does not exist in
prior versions.

> >        >TEX capacity exceeded, sorry [pattern memory ops=XXX]
> > 
> >      some languages have to be deactivated in language.dat or
> >      parameters trie_size and trie_op_size have to be enlarged.
> >      Please refer to the documentation of your TeX distribution
> >      or ask a TeX wizard.

Here you could just tell them to edit texmf.cnf and change
(enlarge it)

Do we *really* need normal users to test experimental hyphenation

Best wishes


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