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Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Fri Jul 4 11:35:09 CEST 2008

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From: Jonathan Kew <jonathan_kew at sil.org>
Date: 2008/7/3
Subject: [XeTeX] a note from the XeTeX author
To: Unicode-based TeX for Mac OS X and other platforms <xetex at tug.org>

To the XeTeX user community:

This note is to let you know that for personal reasons, I have
submitted my resignation to SIL, where I have worked for a number of
years and where XeTeX development has been hosted. I remain
interested in and supportive of SIL's work with and for many
communities around the world, but with effect from the end of July, I
will no longer be working as a member of the organization.

I intend to continue working on XeTeX, which has always been driven
primarily by my own vision and interests, rather than initiated or
managed by SIL, and on other projects and activities in the TeX
world. So this should not have a major impact on development except
for occasional spells of distraction as I make various transitions
over the coming months. And I expect SIL will continue hosting the
XeTeX subversion repository on scripts.sil.org, at least for the time

As I move on from SIL, I will of course need to find other ways to
earn a living. It's possible that someone among the XeTeX community
knows the perfect role for me... if so, I'd appreciate hearing of it!
You all know something of my interests and experience: TeX-related
software development, typesetting (with an emphasis on "unusual"
fonts and scripts; that's why XeTeX exists), OpenType and AAT font
engineering, etc. In the immediate future, I hope to work on a couple
of freelance projects in the font development and typesetting fields,
but would also consider a longer-term position if the right
opportunity comes along.

I hope list members will excuse me for posting this personal,
somewhat off-topic note. Feel free to ignore it, of course, but if
anyone has responses or comments for me I'd be glad to hear them. Off-
list replies (directly to me) are fine; let's not clutter everyone's

Thanks for being such a great community of users and contributors. I
look forward to continuing participation in this group for a long
time to come.


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