[tex-live] input

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Feb 29 00:51:47 CET 2008

    > Remember that texmf-dist is searched before texmf-local

    Was there a change? 

No, the search order now is the same as 2007 and there are no plans to
change this.

$TEXMFHOME,     <- ~/texmf
!!$TEXMFMAIN,   <- texmf
!!$TEXMFLOCAL,  <- texmf-local
!!$TEXMFDIST}   <- texmf-dist

Before someone asks (again), the reason why texmf is before texmf-local is
that texmf primarily contains system files, some (like pools) quite
tightly tied to the current binaries.  Thomas Esser told me that in
practice the other direction caused lots of confusion and trouble.
Anyone who really wants to override such things will have no trouble
changing TEXMF in the first place.


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