[tex-live] installing truetype fonts in texlive for latex/lyx

Ian Malone ibm21 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Feb 27 01:53:50 CET 2008

Hi all,

I think I know what the answer will be, but is there a
simple way to install a truetype font to use in texlive?
I'm running LyX and usually pdflatex, on Fedora 8.

I had previously managed with tetex to get glyphs to come
out the other end of pdflatex by the use of ttf2afm /
afm2tfm, guessing the best encoding vectors to use and
filling in a few face entries in the .fd files that
fontinst produced.  This is clearly not going to get me
very far.  Someone had suggested texlive might have
better support for truetype.

So, is it easier to use truetype with texlive than tetex,
and what is possible?

Thanks for your time.


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