[tex-live] input

Philip Taylor (Webmaster) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Feb 26 19:11:24 CET 2008

Zdenek Wagner wrote:

> It might not work. For security reasons it may be forbidden to use
> absolute path or even read a file residing in a parent directory. It
> would be better to put such a file to a subdirectory under
> texmf-var/tex or texmf-local/tex.

Well, leaving aside the issue of how TeX might "forbid"
such things (would it still be TeX if it did this ?),
how then can the user specify with absolute certainty
that it is /his/ "MyTeXlib[.tex]" that he wishes to
reference, rather than simply the first file of that
name found in TeX's search path ?

** Phil.

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