[tex-live] italic fonts rendering as bold

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 17:19:38 CET 2008

2008/2/26, Paul Mantz <pcmantz at gmail.com>:
> Hello everyone,
>  I'm having some problems with a custom font that I installed.
>  I'm running a image-rendering server that takes chunks of LaTeX code
>  and renders them from .tex -> .dvi -> .png, using latex and dvipng.
>  We use Trebuchet MS, convert to a type1 font and installed in
>  texmf-var, to render our graphics.  unfortunately, all our italic
>  script renders as bold.
updmap --listavailablemaps
to see the list of the map files and
kpsewhich trebuchet.map
to see which map file is actually used. Maybe you have two files with
the same name in different locations and updmap uses the wrong

>  I took our texmf-var/ directory from our server, put it as my home
>  directory on Ubuntu, and found that the trebuchet.map file in the
>  dvips driver was not mapping to the right fonts.  I fixed this and was
>  able to get italics working after running `updmap --enable Map
>  trebuchet.map`.  However, this fix did not work on the server, and I
>  am stumped as to what the cause may be.  I disabled and re-enabled the
>  map after the fix, but it's still going to the wrong fonts.  What do
>  you guys think?
>  Thanks,
> Paul

Zdeněk Wagner

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