[tex-live] missing file pspicture.ps needed by pspicture package

Jean Utke jutke1 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 21:17:04 CET 2008


When I am trying to use the pspicture package, dvips eventually 
refers to a postscript header file "pspicture.ps" 
which is not distributed in recent texlive versions (checked on 
recent Kubuntu, opensuse, mac).  With tetex releases ( at least in version 3.0) 
this file is installed at 
It looks like it is supposed to be extracted from pspicture.dtx. 
I checked the latest texinfo sources and tried to build them but
the accompanying  style file has been checked into svn at
and is not actually extracted from 
during the build.  At least I didn't find where that would happen. 
It seems the pspicture.dtx
still contains the lines that should go into pspicture.ps
but that of course is not extracted from the dtx file either.  
The question is when and how the extraction should happen 
or if  the pspicture.ps file should be checked into the svn repo. 



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