[tex-live] [Bug Report]Texlive: when including EPS, latex provide a dvi with blank frame instead of figure

Jiang Liu jliupku at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 09:01:12 CET 2008

I installed texlive-full on my Ubuntu 7.10 by apt-get.
When I try to include an eps file, after latex the .tex file, the 
resulting dvi shows only a blank frame for the figure.

But when I transform the .eps file to a PDF file and pdflatex the .tex 
file, the output is ok.

The attached is the tex file, eps file I used and files produced by
latex test

And below are the texlive components in my machine (by dpkg -l | grep 

ii  texlive                                    
2007-10                                   TeX Live: A decent selection 
of the TeX Live
ii  texlive-base                               
2007-10                                   TeX Live: Essential programs 
and files
ii  texlive-base-bin                           
2007-12ubuntu3.1                          TeX Live: Essential binaries
ii  texlive-bibtex-extra                       
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Extra BibTeX styles
ii  texlive-common                             
2007-10                                   TeX Live: Base component
ii  texlive-doc-base                           
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Base documentation
ii  texlive-doc-bg                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Bulgarian documentation
ii  texlive-doc-cs+sk                          
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Czechslovak 
ii  texlive-doc-de                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: German documentation
ii  texlive-doc-el                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Greek documentation
ii  texlive-doc-en                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: English documentation
ii  texlive-doc-es                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Spanish documentation
ii  texlive-doc-fi                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Finnish documentation
ii  texlive-doc-fr                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: French documentation
ii  texlive-doc-it                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Italian documentation
ii  texlive-doc-ja                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Japanese documentation
ii  texlive-doc-ko                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Korean documentation
ii  texlive-doc-mn                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Mongolian documentation
ii  texlive-doc-nl                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Dutch documentation
ii  texlive-doc-pl                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Polish documentation
ii  texlive-doc-pt                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Portuguese documentation
ii  texlive-doc-ru                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Russian documentation
ii  texlive-doc-th                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Thai documentation
ii  texlive-doc-tr                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Turkish documentation
ii  texlive-doc-uk                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Ukrainian documentation
ii  texlive-doc-vi                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Vietnamese documentation
ii  texlive-doc-zh                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Chinese documentation
ii  texlive-extra-utils                        
2007-12ubuntu3.1                          TeX Live: TeX auxiliary programs
ii  texlive-font-utils                         
2007-12ubuntu3.1                          TeX Live: TeX font-related 
ii  texlive-fonts-extra                        
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Extra fonts
ii  texlive-fonts-recommended                  
2007-10                                   TeX Live: Recommended fonts
ii  texlive-formats-extra                      
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Extra formats
ii  texlive-full                               
2007-10                                   TeX Live: meta package pulling 
in all compon
ii  texlive-games                              
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Games typesetting 
(chess, etc)
ii  texlive-generic-extra                      
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Miscellaneous extra 
generic macros
ii  texlive-generic-recommended                
2007-10                                   TeX Live: Miscellaneous 
generic macros
ii  texlive-humanities                         
2007-3                                    TeX Live: LaTeX support for 
the humanities
ii  texlive-lang-african                       
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: African scripts
ii  texlive-lang-arab                          
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Arabic
ii  texlive-lang-armenian                      
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Armenian
ii  texlive-lang-croatian                      
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Croatian
ii  texlive-lang-cyrillic                      
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Cyrillic
ii  texlive-lang-czechslovak                   
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Czech/Slovak
ii  texlive-lang-danish                        
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Danish
ii  texlive-lang-dutch                         
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Dutch
ii  texlive-lang-finnish                       
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Finnish
ii  texlive-lang-french                        
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: French
ii  texlive-lang-german                        
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: German
ii  texlive-lang-greek                         
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Greek typesetting
ii  texlive-lang-hebrew                        
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Hebrew
ii  texlive-lang-hungarian                     
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Hungarian
ii  texlive-lang-indic                         
2007-12ubuntu3.1                          TeX Live: Indic
ii  texlive-lang-italian                       
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Italian
ii  texlive-lang-latin                         
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Latin
ii  texlive-lang-manju                         
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Manju
ii  texlive-lang-mongolian                     
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Mongolian
ii  texlive-lang-norwegian                     
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Norwegian
ii  texlive-lang-other                         
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Other hyphenation files
ii  texlive-lang-polish                        
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Polish
ii  texlive-lang-portuguese                    
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Portuguese
ii  texlive-lang-spanish                       
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Spanish
ii  texlive-lang-swedish                       
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Swedish
ii  texlive-lang-tibetan                       
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Tibetan
ii  texlive-lang-ukenglish                     
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: UK English
ii  texlive-lang-vietnamese                    
2007.dfsg.1-3                             TeX Live: Vietnamese
ii  texlive-latex-base                         
2007-10                                   TeX Live: Basic LaTeX packages
ii  texlive-latex-extra                        
2007-3                                    TeX Live: LaTeX supplementary 
ii  texlive-latex-recommended                  
2007-10                                   TeX Live: LaTeX recommended 
ii  texlive-latex3                             
2007-3                                    TeX Live: LaTeX3 packages
ii  texlive-math-extra                         
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Advanced math 
ii  texlive-metapost                           
2007-12ubuntu3.1                          TeX Live: MetaPost (and 
Metafont) drawing pa
ii  texlive-music                              
2007-12ubuntu3.1                          TeX Live: Music typesetting
ii  texlive-omega                              
2007-12ubuntu3.1                          TeX Live: Omega
ii  texlive-pictures                           
2007-10                                   TeX Live: Packages for 
drawings graphics
ii  texlive-plain-extra                        
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Plain TeX 
supplementary packages
ii  texlive-pstricks                           
2007-3                                    TeX Live: PSTricks packages
ii  texlive-publishers                         
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Support for publishers
ii  texlive-science                            
2007-3                                    TeX Live: Typesetting for 
natural and comput
ii  texlive-xetex                              
2007-12ubuntu3.1                          TeX Live: XeTeX macros

Hopefully this is not a stupid question,
Thanks a lot!

J. Liu

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