[tex-live] kpathsea autoconf

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 6 01:10:20 CET 2008

    > sed: 1: "/@configure_input@/ { h ...": extra characters at the end of G command

Apparently BSD sed can't deal with these sed commands.  Martin had the
same problem.  peb wrote this:

   in texk/m4/kpse_inc.m4 there are three lines defining
   'kpse_substs="sed ...'  with this command.  A few lines earlier is
   an alternative definition, commented out by dnl. You could try to
   use this version (at least for the moment).

I'll see if I can get new versions to try checked in in the next couple
days (I'm going to be offline myself tomorrow, sigh), unless peb
(hopefully) beats me to it.

    and/or make sure that the above error report reaches the right person?

This is the right place to report TL build problems.


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