[tex-live] ifxetex package missing from collection-xetex

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed Jan 31 18:31:32 CET 2007

On 31 Jan 2007, at 5:14 pm, Martin Schröder wrote:

> 2007/1/31, Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at>:
>> This is more than I can and want to decide. Karl should speak up.
> He is away till tomorrow, I think. I've also asked Manfred and Klaus
> about the state of affairs.
>> I would say that it is quite late, but we could get binaries for
>> i386, x86_64, alpha_linux. The rest I don't know.
> I'll provide OpenBSD.
> Btw: A new version of freetype2 with some bugfixes has just been
> released. Jonathan?

So I see. If I have some time tomorrow, maybe I can try it and see if  
the build goes smoothly. But I don't think it's critical to update at  
this point.

> My idea is to make a new version of pdftex (1.40.2) today and commit
> it to TL. Since the images don't seem to be finished anyway, we can
> then get new binaries for at least some plattforms.

I'm not sure it's a good idea to mix versions; if binaries won't be  
rebuilt for all 15 platforms, maybe it is better to keep them as-is.  
Consistency is worth something.


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