[tex-live] tlpmgui starts in the wrong mode under Win32

Dirk Ullrich dirk.ullrich at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 31 10:20:23 CET 2007

I have tried to install TL2007 (070128 build) on a Win32 Box (WinXP SP2).
When starting tlpmgui from the CD the program always starts in
maintenance mode claiming there is a TL installation with root dir
"D:\programs". Same error when using the current tlpm from

There was a former TL2005 installation on this box, but it was cleanly
uninstalled before starting the TL2007 installation. (No TL-specific
files or environment variables left.)

Setting "TLroot" to the TL2007 root dir wanted does not help.

What else can I do to _force_ tplmgui starting in install mode?


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