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>>>>> "Hans" == Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> writes:

  > Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
  >>  All this science-fiction stuff is reality already.
  > a quite readable book on how reality turned out to be different
  > from prediction ...

I exaggerated a bit.  Of course, we cannot be faster than speed of
light.  There are some theories but none of them had been proven yet.

On the other hand, someone held a talk about a proposed mobile phone
system at the university in the mid 80es.  What he proposed had been a
device which is as large as a one-liter-Coca-Cola bottle.  A great
advantage though, all mobile phones at this time had been as large as
a small suitcase (a bit smaller than a printed version of the Emacs
programming manual) and had been installed in the rear trunk of a car.
Only a relatively small operating unit had been installed in the cockpit.

What he proposed had been very reasonable.  But what I didn't
understand at this time is how to shrink a battery to be able to
power such a device *and* to fit into a one-liter-Coca-Cola bottle.


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