[tex-live] new tl images 20070128 ... please test urgently

Robert Bellarmine Krug rkrug at cs.utexas.edu
Mon Jan 29 04:54:06 CET 2007


I have just downloaded the inst iso, and run the installation.  While
doing so, I noticed that the ``Essential binaries'' collection was
not selected by default.  Here is the screen:


a [X] Essential programs and files  E [X] Extra fonts
b [ ] Essential binaries            F [X] Recommended fonts
c [X] Extra BibTeX styles           G [X] Extra formats
d [X] TeX auxiliary programs        H [X] Games typesetting (chess, etc
e [X] ConTeXt format                I [X] Miscellaneous extra generic m
f [X] Base documentation            J [X] Miscellaneous generic macros
g [X] Bulgarian documentation       K [X] Graphics tools
h [X] Chinese documentation         L [X] HTML/SGML/XML support
i [X] Czechslovak documentation     M [X] LaTeX support for the humanit
j [X] Dutch documentation           N [X] Basic LaTeX packages
k [X] English documentation         O [X] LaTeX3 packages
l [X] Finnish documentation         P [X] LaTeX supplementary packages
m [X] French documentation          T [X] LaTeX recommended packages
n [X] German documentation          U [X] Advanced math typesetting
o [X] Greek documentation           V [X] MetaPost (and Metafont) drawi
p [X] Italian documentation         W [X] Music typesetting
s [X] Japanese documentation        X [X] Omega
t [X] Korean documentation          Y [ ] Perl for Windows
u [X] Mongolian documentation       Z [X] Packages for drawings graphic
v [X] Polish documentation          1 [X] Plain TeX supplementary packa
w [X] Portuguese documentation      2 [X] PSTricks packages
x [X] Russian documentation         3 [X] PostScript and Truetype utili
y [X] Spanish documentation         4 [X] Support for publishers
z [X] Thai documentation            5 [X] Typesetting for natural and c
A [X] Turkish documentation         6 [X] GNU Texinfo
B [X] Ukrainian documentation       7 [X] TrueType font manipulation
C [X] Vietnamese documentation      8 [ ] Win32 support programs
D [X] TeX font-related programs     9 [X] XeTeX macros

  <-> deselect all  <+> select all  <R> return to main menu  <Q> quit

Press key to toggle status of collection: 


This is on a PowerPC Mac notebook.

On a more minor note, if one is running the installation in a
standard 25x80 terminal, one cannot see the first few lines of
the above.

Thank you all for your work on this distribution.  I am looking
forward eagerly to its release.

Robert Krug

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