[tex-live] TeX Live German doc

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jan 26 00:26:03 CET 2007

    It is really pity, but we will end up without TeX Live documentation 
    updated for German. What to do? To zap the old version or wait for Volker
    or somebody else? Ahhh...

- As far as I know, the German documentation *was* updated, by Hartmut
  et al., with the updates I made, before you started making your
  inevitable series of last minute tweaks.

- Forgive me, but I do not consider any of your last-minute changes
  absolute necessities.

- I told Hartmut, Norbert, and Klaus about your updates more than once
  over the last days, and they did not have time to update the German

- Volker is away for some time yet, and had no time to do anything with
  the translation even before he left, so I don't advise waiting for him.

- I just changed the year in texlive-ge/live.tex to 2007, and fixed
  other trivial TeX errors, and remade the German pdf/html.

- Now I am remaking the images.  I will be around for a few more hours,
  but no more (until next Wednesday).  So someone else will have to make
  the final images if it's after that.

- It's not up to me.  Wait as long you all want to wait.

Good luck,

P.S. Norbert, sorry, I do not have the diff at hand.  But if you go to
the texlive-en/live.tex in the online svn, you can select the current
version and the last version I checked in in December for a diff.  I
believe that is what is needed.  There was a hiatus before Staszek started
making his changes, and you guys updated the translation at that point.

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