[tex-live] suggestion for texlive install

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jan 25 21:08:49 CET 2007


    May I suggest that install-tl.sh (or its equivalent) check whether there
    is an existing tex application somewhere first?  

I think that would be a good idea, and it would give us a chance to
explain some of the facts about "native" TL installation.  I'll put it
on the list for next time.

    the install could ask the user whether texlive install

The only thing the TL installer can do is abort.  There's no feasible
way it can delete installations, which could require running OS
packaging commands, etc.  Besides being way too dangerous just on

    there exist tex packages that are being superseded by newer versions

An "updatable" TL has been discussed at monumental length.  Perhaps we
will make progress on it some day.  Meanwhile, those using Debian and
other OS-level packaging systems already have it.

This year's shell script installation is essentially unchanged from the
way it's always been.  There are plenty of deficiencies with it, and
I hope someday there will be enough time and energy to improve it.


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