[tex-live] tlmpgui can't read "gsanswer"

poti giannakouros potiatpotisdotorg at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 25 00:29:52 CET 2007

I am not sure if this is a known problem, but I thought I might mention it.
I am trying to use TeXLive as part of a DVD for a WindowsXP lab in which 
we do not have admin access. Using the texlivetest2007-live-20070122.iso
I get the following error when trying to set up to run from DVD:

can't read "gsanswer": no such variable
can't read "gsanswer": no such variable
    while executing
"source $filewinpostinstall"
    invoked from within
".f.nb.frm0.f.f2.b invoke "
    invoked from within
".f.nb.frm0.f.f2.b instate {pressed !disabled} { .f.nb.frm0.f.f2.b state !pressed; .f.nb.frm0.f.f2.b invoke } "
    (command bound to event)

I got other errors when I replaced the setuptl directory with yesterday's svn version on my customized DVD but did not post until I was able to reproduce a problem on a disk burned from the unaltered image today. Ghostscript is not installed. I was able to use an image from earlier this month well enough with environment variables set in emacs startup files. I am not sure if this is related,
but when I try 
$ latex test.tex
from DOS, I get 
mkdir error
mkdir failed.
I can't find the format file 'latex.fmt'!
I have set TEXMFTEMP to a writable directory on a network volume where I also
issued to command on the test file. 

Thank you all for your valuable work. I am not a Windows user and am not eager to become one, but I hope my report is of help, if it is correct. 

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