[tex-live] rebuild

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Wed Jan 24 21:59:54 CET 2007

karl at freefriends.org (Karl Berry) writes:

>     We have a new file needed for pdftex by Thanh; I've add it as
> Ok.
>     texmf-dist/tex/generic/pdftex/glyphtounicode.tex
> If it's a basic part of pdftex that will be maintained as part of the
> pdftex distribution, texmf would be better than texmf-dist.  Simpler for
> the tpm's too.
>     It's still without a license, but I'm discussing this with Thanh. 
> Since it's directly derived from other data, I think it needs to be
> whatever the license is of the original data, which we don't know.

Uh no.  It needs to be whatever the license of the original data
prescribes for derivations.  In the Open Source world, more often than
not the options for licensing derivatives are a superset as for
distributing the original (LPPL being one notable exception since it
disallows distributing derivatives with the same file names).  For the
GPL, the licensing options are basically the same (plus a few
restrictions, like startup messages on interactive programs).

It would be good to know the license of the original data, in any

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