[tex-live] texlive docs --- lucida fonts?

ivo welch ivo_welch at brown.edu
Wed Jan 24 21:06:02 CET 2007

Dear TeXperts---I am reading the documentation
texmf-doc/doc/english/texlive-en/live.html.  Alas, the site does not
want to serve up http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/info/Type1fonts right
now, and I was hoping to get my old and trusty Y&Y lucida fonts to work
under texlive 2007.

I also looked at http://www.tug.org/store/lucida/order.html , and there
is presumably an installation file that comes in the email together with
the TUG packaged fonts---but because I am not ordering the fonts
[already have 'em], I don't see this install file.  Another problem here
is of course that many of the installation instructions on the web and
perhaps whatever comes with the tug lucida fonts may refer to older
distributions, such as the tetex distribution [I wrote one installation
guide a long time ago, which then became obsolete, too].

Pointers to some basic docs that are the correct ones for 2007 would be



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