[tex-live] One more file conflict: ifmtarg.sty

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jan 23 02:26:21 CET 2007

    * Conflicts in TDS

Yeah, Hans sent me a similar list (among others) a long time ago,
unfortunately it never got to the top of my queue, and here we are.

I fixed some of them by removing packages, namely piff and CV and
toptesi, and the duplicate truncate.sty in pdfwin (which is apparently
not on CTAN, sigh).  Plenty of conflicts remain and should be addressed,
but (a) they were all in TL2005 and earlier, and (b) I think most of the
differences are cosmetic.

About the two different plain verbatim.tex's, neither has a stated
copyright notice and neither has a stated author.  Sigh.  The genmisc
one is probably by someone from the UK (wild guess, Phil Taylor?), since
the word "shew" is in there.  The gustlib one is presumably by Jacko or
another Polish hacker.

I'm going to rebuild now.  I didn't update marvosym, hopefully either
Norbert or I will get to that tomorrow.  It's a mess.


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