[tex-live] Problem using psgreek-package

Bert Trüger xulxer at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 15:51:03 CET 2007

I am using Texlive2005 (inst.-ver.) on Kubuntu 6.06. I have installed the
unzipped psgreek-package, copied everything to the corresponding places in
/texmf-local/ and modified the config.ps-file in /dvips/config/.  Afterwards
I ran texhash and updmap. Trying to run a minimum file like:
\selectlanguage{greek} Swkr'aths >~w pa~i Klein'iou, o>~ima'i se jaum'azein
\selectlanguage{english} Socrates Son of Cleinias, I think it must
no error-messages occur but the greek text isn't displayed at all or not in
greek characters. If I modify \usepackage{psgreek} to
\usepackage[rmfont=cmr]{psgreek} or \usepackage[rmfont=kerkis]{psgreek}
everything works fine. When I run \usepackage{psgreek} with standard font
set to \sffamily, the Hancock-Milan-font of the psgreek-package will display
the greek text correctly. But running the document with
\usepackage[sffont=milan]{psgreek} will result in no greek text at all only
the english sentence being shown.

Psgreek seems to work and at least the milan font can be displayed correctly
(dvi als well as pdf). What about oldface, regular, garamond, oxonia? Can
anybody help me?

Thanks in advance

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