[tex-live] \pdfcompresslevel=9 in hyperref/hpdftex.def

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Sun Jan 21 18:22:02 CET 2007

"SR" == Sebastian Rahtz writes:

 SR> Perhaps pdfTeX did not understand compressed PDF back in the
 SR> early days (remember that TUG meeting in Moscow, anyone?)

if it didn't understand compressed PDF, why setting \pdfcompresslevel
to 9, then? :)

"HO" == Heiko Oberdiek writes:

 >> and could you remove setting of \pdfcompresslevel if there's no
 >> need for it there?

 HO> Probably yes, but I don't have the time now.

please do that when you'll have time :)

the current default in pdftexconfig.tex is already 9, so there's no
need to set it in hyperref; and doing this makes it harder to overide
the compress level.


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