[tex-live] Test tlpm at Win32

Tomasz Łuczak tlu at technodat.com.pl
Sat Jan 20 19:04:17 CET 2007

Dirk wrote:

> I have installed a current TH2007 image (20070119) at Win XP SP2 using
> tlpm.  Their some bug (or, maybe, features) I find annoying:
> 1) Perl will be unconditionally installed. At my system Activestate
> Perl isinstalled, its bin dir is in %PATH% and %PERL%LIB% is correctly
> set. Thus I don _not_ need another Perl installation. I must confess
> that I've found the old tlpm behavior--asking whether Perl should
> installed--more comfortable.

> 3) After uninstalling TL using tlpm my %PATH% is mutated: All paths
> are written in capital letters only (no functional problem but I
> consider this as ugly) and all "\"s are turned into "/"s.  In my
> opinion the latter is a grave bug.

please download 
ftp://ftp.gust.org.pl/pub/Projekty/tlpmgui/20070120-setuptl.zip or
update svn tree of TL and try again.

Many thanks for test and bug report

  Tomasz Łuczak

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