[tex-live] texconfig init

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Jan 15 02:23:53 CET 2007

when I run "texconfig init" from the command line it creates all
format files but for some reason it also runs updmap.

I never have seen this behavior in teTeX.  

texconfig init executes "fmtutil --all" in order to re-generate all
the fmt, base, and mem files.  Thomas invested a significant amount of
time to provide some information about which files had been created
prroperly and which failed.

In particular, since a lot of output is created, fmtutil remembers
which formats had been created successfully or not and prints a
list at the end.

All this effort is nothing worse if regardless whether fmtutil
successfully created all files, updmap is launched.

There is not even a blank line between the output of fmtutil and
updmap, and updmap is also quite verbose itself.

This is what we currently have in texconfig:

      case $2 in
          fmtutil --all || rc=1
          texlinks --multiplatform || rc=1
          updmap || rc=1
          shift 1
          for i in "$@"; do
            fmtutil --byfmt "$i" || rc=1

I suggest to remove updmap because you do not see when an error
occurred while running fmtutil and because creating formats and
creating map files are two completely different things.

Either people can run updmap separately or it can be made an
additional option, so that people can say "texconfig updmap".

What bothers me most is that, when an error occurs in fmtutil,
"texconfig init" continues as if nothing had happened.  This is
definitely wrong.  Or are there many people around who always type
"echo $?"  after running a program?

Is there any good reason to run updmap from "texconfig init" at all?


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