[tex-live] engine subdir of web2c

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Sun Jan 14 15:01:09 CET 2007

Gerben Wierda schrieb:
> ... and the new fmtutil has everything in 
> web2c/pdftex.

I am not at all happy with this, but as I am no longer in
the business of making releases, the TL team has to live with
the possible problems.

Example: even tough $TEXMFHOME precedes $TEXMFSYSVAR in $TEXMF, users will
not be able to overrule $TEXMFSYSVAR/web2c/pdftex/pdftex.fmt by their
own file in $TEXMFHOME/web2c/pdftex.fmt (which is tecnically ok, but
that might cause trouble with users which follow old instructions etc.)

I'd have prefered to see the engine subdir for context only. And
I wouldn't even have changed texmf.cnf to make it search for
anything else than $TEXMF/web2c (i.e. no subdirectory). IMHO, all this
subdir stuff could be implemented in texecec (e.g. manipulate the search
paths as necessary).


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