[tex-live] dvipos build fails

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jan 13 23:26:27 CET 2007

    I didn't know how to generate an updated live iso.  

Build/tools/MakeImages.sh remakes the ISO's.

Well, when I build the ISO's, I actually run Build/tools/tlrebuild,
which also updates tpm's, list files, etc.  But this is not always
necessary and/or a good idea.

    I'm guessing that the procedure is not fully automatic

It is fully automatic (and quite simple).  It uses whatever tree it is
invoked out of.

    as it requires cross-compiling or people contributing binaries for
    other architectures.

The above scripts do not compile anything.  It just uses what's there.
Indeed, the Master/bin/* updates happen independently -- either I or
whomever checks them in when they are available.


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