[tex-live] burn inst image?

Artemio Gonzalez Lopez artemiog at mac.com
Sat Jan 13 14:48:55 CET 2007

Karl Berry wrote:
> FYI, I got the inst image down to what mkisofs claims is 692mb (through
> various wholesale deletions of extra stuff).  Maybe someone could try
> actually burning it on a CD to be sure it's ok?  (The actual file size
> is different, but Seb assured me that didn't matter ...)
> Thanks,
> k


Don't worry, I just burnt a 700 MB CD with the latest (2007-01-13) inst 
image without any problems.

Talking about the latest inst image, I just wanted to ask you if the 
"wholesale deletion of extra stuff" that you mention in your post means 
that the TeXLive installation using the inst image is less complete 
(i.e, is missing some packages, etc.) than the one from the live image.



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