[tex-live] dvipos build fails

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Sat Jan 13 06:31:45 CET 2007

I tried my dvipos test file (the 'file.tex') with the new texlive test
(live-20070113) by running 'texexec --dvi file.tex'.  mktexfmt
generated cont-en.fmt formats for xetex and pdftex and put them in
~/.texlive2007/texmf-var/web2c/$engine/.  The texexec failed because
it didn't find the newly generated formats (a known problem), but when
I reran texexec, the formats were found.

Once the formats were there, ConTeXt (2007.01.12 01:02) could run.
But it failed with 

! Undefined control sequence.
\initializenextposition ...dosetpositionpapersize
                                                   {\printpaperwidth }

That is also a problem known to upstream, and 2007.01.12 15:56 fixes
the error.  I have the newer ConTeXt version running outside of TL.
Inside TL, I applied this patch to make a spec-mis.tex in the current
dir, remade the formats, and the texexec ran to completion.  The

--- a/texmf-dist/tex/context/base/spec-mis.tex	2007-01-12 06:55:42 -0500
+++ b/texmf-dist/tex/context/base/spec-mis.tex	2007-01-12 09:50:45 -0500
@@ -274,0 +275,2 @@
+    \let\dosetpositionpapersize\gobbletwoarguments

After it finished, I had a file.ps correctly showing the
position-graphic line connecting the '7' and the '8'.  So the new
dvipos (20070107) seems to be working and correctly integrated into TL
(at least for i386-linux).  Great!


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