[tex-live] fmtutil.cnf / TL2007

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Thu Jan 11 23:22:30 CET 2007

"GW" == Gerben Wierda writes:

 >> BTW, running "texlinks" now produces an error message:
 >> install_link failed for .../mf. File already exists.
 >> probably because it thinks that "mf" should now be a link to "mf-
 >> nowin" because of that fmtutil.cnf change.

 GW> From texlinks it seems it does have specific mf knowledge:

 GW>   case $src in */mf) if test $dest = "mf-nowin" && test -f
 GW> $selfautoloc/mfw; then dest="mfw" verbose_echo "both mfw and
 GW> mf-nowin exists, $src linked to $dest" fi ;; esac

this is not the relevant place. this place has knowledge from the
times when we had X11-enabled metafont named "mfw", and then "mf" was
a symlink to either "mfw" or "mf-nowin".

an error happens in a generic place below that:

      if test -f "$src"; then
        case $silent in
            errmsg "install_link failed for $src. File already exists."
        verbose_do ln -s "$dest" "$src"

i.e. it issues this error because according to fmtutil.cnf it tries to
make "mf" as a symlink to "mf-nowin", but it appears that it's a
regular file.

 GW> Reading texlinks more it seems to be intended behaviour and the
 GW> -- silent flag can make it shut up about binaries already there.

it's possible to stut up a script, of course. it would hide other
errors then.


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