[tex-live] getnonfreefonts-sys doesn't update updmap.cfg?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Jan 11 00:42:06 CET 2007

>>>>>  Philip TAYLOR wrote:
  >> Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
  >>> There are a few things I plan to do in the space of time between
  >>> TL will be frozen and it will be released: Rolf Niepraschk and
  >>> Karl asked for inclusion of URW Classico, an Optima clone which
  >>> is under AFPL.

  >>  I would like to raise an ethical question here (as opposed to an
  >> ethical objection).  Is the general consensus that it is right to
  >> include a "free" clone of a copyrighted font, and if so, on what
  >> basis ?

Phil, it seems that the word "clone" caused the confusion.  What I
meant is that the actual fonts had been derived from his design which
he called Optima.  HZ cooperates with many font foundries.  There are
many fonts derived from what he called Palatino.  They are not
identical because HZ "only" supervises the work of the creators.  When
I used the word "clone" I had in mind that the fonts are not identical
but based on the design which he called Optima.  I did not intend to
say "it's stolen and slightly modified" but "it's derived from it but
it is not exactly the same".

>>>>> "Hans" == Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> writes:

  > also, reimplementations of optima as well as palatino is kin dof
  > tricky; urw palladio has been around for ages and hermann know
  > this; for instance the tex gyre project is combining all related
  > palladios into pagella but leaves the shapes as they are

After HZ complained that there are so many illegal Palatino derivates
I asked him whether the "Palatino" provided by Bitstream (it's called
ZapfHumanist... there) is the "real" thing.  He told me that he had
been very annoyed that he had not been allowed to call the fonts he
made in cooperation with Bitstream and URW "Palatino" because
"Palatino" was a registered trademark by Linotype and they refused to
allow anybody else to use this name.

I guess that Jacko has some experience :(

Though I only asked him about Bitstream he explicitly mentioned URW.  
Hence I'm very sure that we don't have to worry about URW Palladio.

  > an option is to ask hermann's opinion (volker has fast access to
  > him and/or otherwise i can write him about it); best play safe and
  > not include classico in tex live then

It will not be shipped with TeXLive because the AFPL does not allow to
charge money for re-distribution.  That's the reason I wrote
getnonfreefonts.  We cannot put particular fonts into TeXLive even if
they are free enough for CTAN.

However, in December I told HZ that Thanh added Vietnamese glyphs to
URW Palladio and he told me he is interested to see the results.  I
asked Thanh to send him samples of the Vietnamese version of Zapf
Chancery too (I suppose that HZ will be very surprised) and Thanh told
me that he will send him samples of all of HZ's fonts he extended to
support Vietnamese.  This includes Classico Vn already.  If HZ
complains, we have to remove Classico Vn from the vntex-nonfree
distribution.  If not, I think that it's ok to allow getnonfreefonts
to install URW Classico.


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