[tex-live] package updates still possible?

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Jan 10 20:58:59 CET 2007

Karl Berry schrieb:
>     Seminar has a separate license statement in sem-read.me 
> Ah.  Sorry, I forgot that, although it rings a faint bell now that
> you've all reminded me.  Reinstated.
>     of course, an ideal situation would be for someone such as denis or
>     sebastian either to submit the updates or to declare that the package is
> Indeed.  I wrote Denis yesterday.  I'll see if he replies.  If not, I'll
> start pestering Sebastian, so we can get this cleared up.
> As far as I know Timothy is MIA.  I've tried to contact him several
> times over the past several years, with no success.
which files need a correct license statement?. All in the
the seminar dir?
I'll do that ...


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