[tex-live] getnonfreefonts-sys doesn't update updmap.cfg?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Jan 10 02:59:17 CET 2007

>>>>> "Reinhard" == Reinhard Kotucha <reinhard.kotucha at web.de> writes:

>>>>> "Thanh" == Thanh Han The <hanthethanh at gmail.com> writes:
  >> I added a line saying:

  >> ,-------- 
  >> | debug_msg "Running '@updmap'"; 
  >> `--------

  >> before the system call

  > This is the wrong system call.  I found the bug and fixed it.
  > Just try again.

Hi Thanh,
you are so quiet, maybe I have to explain a bit more.  The bug was not
in getnonfreefonts but in getfont2006.  Hence you cannot fix it
yourself.  All you have to do is to run getnonfreefonts again.  There
is some black magic in getnonfreefonts.  If you run it now it will
behave different and hopefully installs ugm.map.

Actually getnonfreefonts is only a wrapper script.  It downloads and
executes ftp://tug.org/tex/getnonfreefonts/getfont2006 .

It first checks whether the temporary directory TMP|TEMP|TMPDIR and
the installation directory (determined by kpsewhich) exist and are
writable.  You will see this if you run getnonfreefonts --help.

Then it creates a subdirectory in the temp dir and downloads
getfont2006 to it.  getnonfreefonts then executes getfont2006 in this
dir and passes its cmdline args to it.  getfont2006 is now doing the
real work.  It downloads and installs the font packages.  It also
updates updmap.cnf.  However, you can install several fonts at once.
It would take a lot of time to create all the pdftex/dvips/dvipdfm
mapfies for each font, hence it just runs
	updmap --nomkmap --nohash --enable Map=...

This is quite fast, but we still have to generate all the
pdftex/dvips/dvipdfm maps.  Only fonts which had not been installed
already or for which updates are available will be installed.  If at
least one font is installed getfont2006's exit status will be 2.

If this is the case, getnonfreefont will execute updmap without any
arguments in order to create the missing map files.  Finally it
removes all temporary files, including getfont2006.

There are a few other things which are probably worthwhile to mention.
It can happen that someone updates his font package on CTAN.  You'll
get an error message then asking you to inform me.  The reason is that
I probably have to update the installation procedure too.  For this
reason getfont2006 contains a list of md5 sums for all the zip files
it supports.

Coming back to the original problem: I recently changed a few things
in getfont2006.  I must admit that I didn't spent much time on it.  At
the moment two things are most important, a) that getfont2006 does not
cause any harm and b) that getnonfreefonts works properly because this
is supposed to be burnt on a CD.

Regarding getfont2006 I mainly checked that things go into the correct
directories.  Recently I renamed argument lists of system calls, but I
somehow missed something so that system() had been called with an
empty argument list.  That's the reason why updmap had never been
executed.  I did not notice it because the fonts had been in
updmap.cnf already here.

There are a few things I plan to do in the space of time between TL
will be frozen and it will be released: Rolf Niepraschk and Karl asked
for inclusion of URW Classico, an Optima clone which is under AFPL.
getnonfreefonts has a new option, --debug.  getfont2006 is aware of it
but doesn't make use of it yet.  The --verbose option should run updmap
without --quiet...  And I also want to provide a Perl version
getnonfreefonts.bat which TL-2005 Windows users can install if they
want do add Utopia and Mathdesign and cannot or do not want to update
TeXLive.  This is not much work and most of it had been done already.

In TL-2005 getnonfreefonts had been a shell script.  The new version
is written in Perl in order to make it available to Windows users.
However, since I cannot test it on Windows I have to be very careful.
This certainly leads to some inconveniences.  If the directories
$TEXMFLOCAL or $TEXMFHOME do not exist already the user has to create
them manually.  If someone is willing to test it on Windows, maybe
getnonfreefonts in next year's TeXLive release will create them
automatically.  UNIX users suffer from it too, there is only one
program for UNIX and Windows, the only difference is that a few lines
had been added to the Windows version so that it pretends to be a
batch file, just because #!/usr/bin env perl doesn't work on Windows.


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