[tex-live] Licences for non-software documents

Peter Wilson herries.press at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 8 00:35:55 CET 2007

    I have submitted a document "titlepages.pdf" (no `source' just 
printable) to CTAN but there is a question about the licence. If an article 
in a magazine is classed as software then titlepages is also software, 
otherwise it is a general document (which happens to have been created using 
LaTeX) showing examples of title pages from books and theses (there is LaTeX 
code showing how I made the illustrations but that can be removed without 
detriment to the intent of the document, just a disservice to potential 

    I would like to licence it so that it could be put on TeXlive ---  
whether the TeXlive assemblers thinks it should be included is another 
matter, but I don't want it to be excluded because of a licence problem.

    From the "free" licences I have looked at the Open Publication License 
with options A and B  fits my wishes (OPL is at 
http://opencontent.org/openpub). Having also read the CTAN list of free 
licences and TeXlive licence document it looks as though the OPL would be 
acceptable to TeXlive.

    I'm sure that I'm not the only one who is concerned about licences for 
documents as opposed to software licences.

    I would be grateful for any comments and resolution.

Peter W.


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