[tex-live] tetex collection or scheme

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jan 7 23:54:29 CET 2007

    For full install we still have all tetex
    related collections listed, which is missleading (something strange

Yes, it is strange.  In effect, the tetex scheme+collections is an
"orthogonal" view into TL.  Yes, we could list every single tetex
collection in scheme-tetex and not have the "extra" tetex collection.
Maybe in fact that is better.  Yeah, I'm convincing myself it's
worthwhile to do it that way.  I'll do it.

    collections don't fit within range A-Za-z0-9 to make possible 

I know (didn't I mention this when it happened? Oh well).  The two
solutions I see are:
1) write a new installer (not going to happen now)
2) separate out the doc collections like the language collections.
I'm not too excited about doing that either, but maybe it is necessary.


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