[tex-live] binaries differences

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sun Jan 7 17:34:28 CET 2007

On 7 Jan 2007, at 4:07 pm, Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> 1) obvious problems:
> hppa-hpux:
>   missing binaries: dvipng

Tim was having build problems with this, but I think it may be solved  
now (IIRC).

> powerpc-darwin:
>   missing symlink: xeplain

I recently noticed that we have a slightly broken situation here.  
xeplain would be the "eplain" format loaded by the xetex engine, and  
the build process creates the appropriate symlink. However, the  
xeplain.ini file that would be used to create the format isn't  
actually present in TL.

Question: do people think the eplain macros are sufficently widely  
used that it's worthwhile to ship this additional support for using  
them with xetex, or should we simply remove the xeplain symlink and  
leave this as something a user could do if desired? IOW, should I (a)  
add xeplain.ini or (b) remove the xeplain links and fmtutil.cnf entry?

> 2) possible problems:
> i386-darwin, powerpc-darwin:
>   missing binaries: pdfopen pdfclose
>   extra binaries: bbox ps2eps
> from previous year's discussions i understand that pdfopen/pdfclose
> aren't needed on Mac OS X.

Neither needed nor useful.

> but why do the Mac OS X binaries have bbox and ps2eps? they aren't
> built from TL sources. it seems bad that TL does some such hacks.

I don't know about these; they don't get created when I do a build,  
but Gerben has them among his binaries. Gerben, can you explain them,  
and should they be included (for all platforms?).


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