[tex-live] Problems with dviout (Win32)

Tomasz Łuczak tlu at technodat.com.pl
Fri Jan 5 15:15:17 CET 2007

Gregor wrote:
> Using the 20070104-setuptl.zip archive I get two errors.
> 1) When choosing "scheme-tetex"  or pushing the respective "info"
>    button I get:
> can't read "schemefile0": no such variable
> can't read "schemefile0": no such variable
>    Choosing another scheme the installation can be started.
I found this behavior, I hadn't time to deep check what is wrong.
In my opinion there is problem during reading tetex.tpm.
I will have to fix it.

> 2) During _postinstall action_ I get:
> could not read "C:\TeXLive2006\dviout\dviout.exe": no such file or 
Probably you stated tlpmgui from directory out of texlive structures.
Certainly it's bug :-( Thanks for test!

I will fix these bugs today evening.
Please check ftp://ftp.gust.org.pl/pub/Projekty/tlpmgui/ for new *-setup.zip

Best regards
   Tomasz Łuczak

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