[tex-live] OpenBSD

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Thu Jan 4 13:02:59 CET 2007

I have just committed some configure changes to TL; it should now  
work to use the option combination


to link (dynamically) against an installed Freetype2 library as found  
on OpenBSD, along with the usual fontconfig lib. This avoids the  
(harmless but scary!) version mismatch messages when starting a xetex  
(or xdvipdfmx) binary that was statically linked with Freetype2 from  
the TL tree.

For platforms where such warnings aren't produced (I've only seen  
this on OpenBSD so far), I'd suggest staying with the static build of  
freetype2 from the TL source tree (which is the default, no configure  
option needed for this), so as to ensure a known (recent) version is  

In order to rebuild the configure scripts, I had to touch some of the  
pdftex stuff as well (the autoconf setup for libobsdcompat didn't  
seem to be quite right). I believe the current scripts work (tested  
on Mac OS X, Linux, and OpenBSD), but it would be good if Olaf or  
someone could check and tidy up.

A bug fix (potential crasher, depending on malloc() behavior) in  
xetex was also committed yesterday, so it would be good if this is  
included in the release binaries.


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