[tex-live] [dev-context] TL2006 and ConTeXt

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Jan 4 10:31:16 CET 2007

Sanjoy Mahajan wrote:
>>in general seem to be somehow non-functional:
>>But note that I have a full TeX installation (Debian texlive 2005), and
>>I have set the path
>>	export PATH=/usr/local/texlive2006/bin/i386-linux/:$PATH
>>so the 'right' texexec/texmfstart are found.
> You likely need to set TEXMFCNF to the web2c directory in the texlive
> tree.  I got it to work well here by doing the following:
> 1. Downloaded the live texlive iso.bz2
> 2. bunzip2'ed it, and mounted it with -o loop in ~/admin/tex/texlive/image/
> 3. Prepended .../texlive/bin/i386-linux to PATH (just as you did)
> 4. export TEXMFCNF=/home/sanjoy/admin/tex/texlive/image/texlive/texmf/web2c
> Then I ran the following trip test, which it passed with 100% marks.

Great news, thanks

Best, Taco

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